It’s a Big Girl Panty Kind of Day.


Sometimes, the world just needs you to be a grown up. All of a sudden it’s time to get a grip, be tough, and support the ones you love. It is definitely one of those days.

There’s a lot circulating in the world, and it can’t all be tidings of comfort and joy. It’s just difficult when it lands on you all at once. I’m holding up just fine, but I’m watching the ones I love struggle. You can fight, you can smile, you can shoot a little prayer to Heaven if you’re the praying type.  When it comes down to it, we can only do the best we can to support them and love them. Even if that means pulling your Big Girl panties way up.


Yes, it is definitely a Grown Up week for me.

And I know. Could I be any more vague? The problem is that old people keep getting old. And it seems as though the old people I love the very most in the world are the ones that are struggling. Old people are frail. They get injured and sick easier, and recuperate much slower.  It’s difficult seeing the ones we love in pain. It’s also difficult to see the ones we love unable to help the ones in pain. My family, close friends’ family, maybe even your family. It’s just a rough patch for everyone I’m sure.

But there’s no time to be the little kid that needs the hug, when you’re able to give that to someone else. You just have to put on your Big Girl panties and be the Grown up they need you to be. Don’t worry, I’m good at taking care of myself first. I’m pretty strong. I shouldn’t keep that to myself, especially when someone could use a good rock. And I am more than happy to be. I’m just gonna keep being tough and trying that, Giving it to God thing. What’s that important verse? Thy Will Be Done? God, You just take care of them, alright? Shoot, use me! I’ll be a strong little rock.

With my Big Girl Panties pulled way up.



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