Outdoor Snapshots


I have a had some kind of week. As you know, we had a quiet day on the blog, but the rest of the week was full of love and good memories, and thankfulness and joy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad, blessed, and grateful all at once. Many of those special moments were outside  between trying to work, family time, and just me time. And being the photo-op hunter I am, I made a collection of those moments! I thought, what better place to dump all my pretty pictures? So here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen outside in the past few days!

wpid-img_20140417_235434.jpg wpid-0417141413.jpg

Meet Zoe. She’s the darling little sausage dog that kept me company a lot this week while visiting the Hill. The Hill is a gorgeous little hilltop owned by some folks that basically adopted me into the family. Zoe is the newest addition. When she’s not happy-tinkling, she’s a dollface. I’m so happy she’s able to keep the sweet old ladies occupied when the grandkids aren’t around.

wpid-0417141357.jpg  wpid-0417141356.jpg

Of course, where there are lots of sweet country folk, there are lots of pretty gardens in the works. I especially love the boots… C’mon. That’s adorable. I would steal that idea, but I couldn’t recreate the cuteness. I would do it all wrong. I’ll leave it to the masters and just admire.

wpid-0319141425.jpg wpid-0413141223.jpg

It’s officially Dogwood Season in Knoxville, Tennessee! It’s basically the city’s official flower, as there is literally a tree in every yard. Every. Yard. You legitimately can not drive down a single street in Knoxville without seeing it lined with pink and white blossoms. Actually, when I was younger, my sister tricked me into believing if you cut down a Dogwood Tree, you will be put in jail because they are Knoxville’s special tree. I think they should make that a real law, don’t you?

wpid-0413140835.jpg wpid-0413140836b.jpg

Here again we see my own little Dogwood Tree. It used to be bigger, but it tried to grow into the living room window so we had to trim her down. Bless her heart, she’s just growing like a weed again. The actual feature is the teacup though. That is my most favorite teacup in the world. (Probably because it is the only non-ugly-coffee-cup in the house). It makes me want to smile in the mornings (when I wake up early enough to enjoy a cup of tea.) This sweet coffee cup helped me get up and be ready for those more difficult mornings. Gotta love Me Time.

That’s really all I have for tonight. It’s been the first almost-normal day I’ve had in a week. Let’s cheers to another good one tomorrow. Don’t forget to like/follow/share via Email, Facebook (/takenbythelapels) and Twitter (@vivalaphoebz)












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