The Lying Cheating Ex That Became a Felon

Picture this:

You’re an adorable high school girl. You meet a nice boy who kisses you on the swings at the park. He meets your family and makes you laugh. Then you get sick, and he cheats. He ignores you while you’re in the hospital.


He cheats some more. He ignores you the whole month you recover. You get well enough to break up with him. Oh, and he was cheating the whole time because you were too fond of your virtue. Then he lies to everyone. Apparently, You got dumped. You were devastated. And, you did awful dirty nasty things. Dirty things a girl like you wouldn’t do. And everyone hears. And you’re pretty mad.

I KNOW RIGHT? But the good news is, you recover. You land an amazing guy who very well could wife you, mom you, and grow old with you. Who knows. But there is love, trust, and an amazing future ahead. But Rewind. This isn’t about the good guy. This is a lesson about the bad guy.

The hardest part for me was the lies. Not the breakup. The lies. The things I didn’t do that everyone thought I did.I was so upset and embarrassed and ashamed of things I didn’t even do.

But I’ve learned the ultimate lesson about lying cheating ex-boyfriends. Today, in fact. In class, my mother sent me the mug shot. He was looking extra handsome beside the words, aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.


Ok, I laughed. Guilty. Sue me. My ex-boyfriend is a felon. I couldn’t pick an emotion. Happy? Embarrassed? Relieved? Should I pray for him? But then it hit me. I spent my entire Freshman and Sophomore year wishing he would fall into a dark lonely pit… The irony almost hurts. What I’m really thinking now is. Wow. I felt so destroyed back then. He made me feel so defeated with lies.

But look at us just three years later. He’s working on a $50,000+ bond. I’m madly in love, colleging toward my career, traveling the world. Who’s defeated again? How did a mean boy and his nasty rumors really damage me after all? Was it really worth all the fuss?

Girls. Please. I’m talking to you here. You’re hearing these rumors and feeling these heartbreaks and swearing it will never get better. But I promise, it really will fade away. I want you to know that you are the most amazing person on this Earth right now, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Not even you.  I just want you to remember that the things that happen today will be gone tomorrow and jokes in a year. Before you know it you’re gonna be standing in my shoes, looking back at that boy and saying…. Wowwww.

And then you will move on with your beautiful lives.


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