When Life Has a “Pompeii” Moment

Bastille Live in Captial Studios accompanies with Orchestra.

Yes. It’s that song you’ve been obsessing over for months, that you swear you heard first, and will love last. From the first time I heard Bastille’s “Pompeii” on Sirius XM’s Alt-Nation, I was head over heels. I could go into all the reasons, like how upbeat and catchy and unique it is. But seeing as it has reached #6 On the Billboard Top 40, I assume the world already knows why it’s so amazing. It took me until this week to realize why I love this song so much.

There’s not a part of it I can’t relate to. Sometimes we look around and realize, everything is different. Everything is new and scary. Life is full of “Pompeii” moments. Sudden life-defining moments when you stop and think “Can’t you remember the way things used to be? Before everything changed?”


Life feels like that. Even on a small scale, our lives can completely turn around in an instant. It was funny, last week was kind of a hard week for me. Work, School, and Family chaos collided and things started to fall apart. I kept saying in my head “The infrastructure of everything I knew has fallen apart.” Over and over. Of course, its the melodramatics coming out. However, it wasn’t entirely an exaggeration. I didn’t even realize at first, my life was having a “Pompeii” moment.


Life is entirely capable of flipping upside down – and it’s a merciless change when you aren’t expecting it. Next thing you see, there is the dust settling on what’s left of our old life. It’s hard to step into a new life, but the truth is, there’s not time to slow down. If you stop long enough to let the change overwhelm you, you’ll find yourself frozen there, unable to move forward with your life. Just like the victims of Pompeii, which inspired Bastille in the first place.


What I hear from this song, is beautiful irony. How am I gonna be an optimist about this? Followed by upbeat empowering music. There is nothing holding you back. Close your eyes and hold on to the good memories. Then move forward. Ashes aren’t the only way to preserve what once was. Memories and Motivation work wonders.



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