Dogwood Arts Festival Knoxville 2014


Blooms, Music, Arts, and Eats? What more would you expect from a Spring festival in the most beautiful city in the world? Knoxville is one of the hosts of the Dogwood Arts Festival, which is going on what feels like it’s 900th year.

wpid-0319141425.jpg wpid-0425141751.jpg

Dogwood Trees are a staple of East Tennessee life, or at least, the life post-winter-hibernation. There are at least 2 trees on every block in the city, even the bustling concrete center. So we make a big deal over our Dogwood themed festival in which we celebrate life and art. Artists from all around come together and fill tents with their masterpieces. Whether it’s tasty art, floral art, handmade art, or musical art. We love it all!

Once again I was graced with the festival being held right outside the door of my shop! So after work, I wandered around and collected photo-ops on my way to the parking garage to share with my favorite blog readers. (That’s you!) Hope you enjoy! I’ll try to post some Dogwood Arts Festival Neighborhood Tour shots next week!

The Blooms

wpid-0425141405.jpg wpid-0425141405a.jpgwpid-0425141333a.jpg

The Music

wpid-0425141335b.jpg wpid-0425141336.jpg wpid-0425141336b.jpg wpid-0425141336c.jpg


The Art

wpid-0425141344.jpg wpid-0425141340.jpg wpid-0425141342.jpg  wpid-0425141357.jpg


The Food (Trucks)

wpid-0425141354.jpg wpid-0425141333.jpg wpid-0425141335a.jpg

I told you Knoxville is the best! Plus, I believe after this weekend, the market opens back up! Wednesday and Saturdays are the days to come downtown. Market is basically a less formal, more Knoxvillian collection products. Tasty baked goods, Fresh flowers, Handcrafted art, and Produce Produce Produce! All baked, grown, or built here in Knoxville. Bring on the market! #ShopLocal


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