☑  Become A Scuba Diver


Ladies and Gents. It’s official, I am Dive Certified! This is the picture that will be on my lifetime long Open Water Diver Certification card. I can’t believe it. Check that off the bucket list! First, let me make this clear. I am not cool. This is the only cool thing I have ever done in my life. That is why I am geeking out so very much! The good news is, you won’t have to hear me talk scuba again until my Caribbean trip in 3 weeks. (Ahh!)


Secondly. before you go popping a regulator in your mouth and dive in, keep in mind that getting started scuba  diving isn’t easy. The first quarry day was extremely difficult. We hit 55 degree water, which is enough to make your teeth numb. Then you have to simulate almost drowning through 10 different scenarios. There’s very specific physics, biology, math, and common sense. That’s a lot of pressure man. And I’m not talking PSI’s. However, after a little quarry water, sweat, and tears, I finally got the hang of things. You could accidentally kick my mask off and I wouldn’t even drown! It’s such a relief. The first day, I couldn’t get below 25 feet because I couldn’t equalize my ear pressure. Today I was floating around at 40 feet like a champion.

To celebrate my official certification I am, once again, filling up my mostly empty post with pictures! This is mostly because my body is so fatigued I can’t write a full post. But I can click “Add Photos”. So we’re gonna do that, sign off for the night, take a bubble bath and wash this swamp off, then get some shut eye.

I know it’s only 6 PM. Don’t Judge.



IMGP0105 IMGP0141  IMGP0132 IMGP0135 IMGP0137

 IMGP0130 IMGP0129


I realized I’ll be posting this tomorrow morning… so instead of good nights, I should be saying Good Mornings! Hope you all have an amazing day! Hopefully I’ll wake up to lots of new Followers, and Facebook likes (/takenbythelapels) and Tweets (vivalaphoebz)? Yes? Also, my next post will be my big 100th! So stick around 🙂




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