I love you, Pratt’s Country Store!

What better place to hide from the rain than my favorite produce market?

wpid-0430141705.jpg wpid-0430141704b.jpg

Rain or Shine, the fact of the matter is, it’s never a bad time to swing by Pratt’s Country Store.


Lucky for me, Pratt’s was about 2 blocks away from my high school, right on the way. I had a breakfast of champions every morning for about 4 years. My Spanish teacher called me La Fruta for two semesters because I always had a peach or orange during my first class. In other words, I really love Pratt’s.


Imagine having a lush garden full of all your favorite fruits and vegetables. In your back yard. And you’re hungry. Now put down your imaginary shovels and gloves because everything you need is already picked, washed, and ready! All the produce and products are locally grown or made with love. You can taste it in every bite.

wpid-0430141656.jpg  wpid-0430141659a.jpg

wpid-0430141656a.jpg wpid-0430141700b.jpg


Not only does Pratt’s have all your produce needs. They also have the sweetest staff. The owner, Perry Pratt is the nicest man and he picks the most helpful and friendly staff. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a flower lover’s dream come true? When I buy my new pots, I’m gonna spend a fortune on these bad boys!

wpid-0430141703b.jpg wpid-0430141703a.jpg wpid-0430141702b.jpg


Yet another fun visit to Pratt’s today. Yet another basket full of fruit and a serious pang for a bigger garden. Hope everyone has an amazing day and if you’re in the area, swing by Pratt’s. Tell them Phoebe sent you!





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