You Go Glen Coco – 100th Post


Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah! She made it to her 100th Post! Can we get a round of applause? You can’t tell me I haven’t earned a You Go Glen Coco for this most fabulous of posts. Not to mention it is indeed Wednesday and you know what that means.

StrongGirlClothing // Etsy

StrongGirlClothing // Etsy

Of course I have on my pink, but I wish I had this darling slouch from StrongGirlClothing. I hope you all slipped on your pink before you left the house! It was actually pretty funny… as soon as I realized I wanted to title this post “You Go Glen Coco” I just tickled myself to death. I was brain storming at my guy’s house and his brother and dad were around. They kept looking at me funny as I cracked up at myself and whispered, “You Can’t Sit With Us.”

sit with us

After like 10 minutes of cracking myself up, one of them finally said, “Phoebe, no one get’s your jokes, Ok?”  Then like a strike of lightning, his older brother peeped up. “Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen”. Oh My Gosh. I was ROLLING. Absolute highlight of my day. In fact, I might have to SnapChat him this picture…


The fact of the matter is, I could fill my house with mugs and prints and shirts with Mean Girls references and never get tired of it. It’s just one of those things that will always encompass all that is Phoebe. Like glitter and kittens.

Speaking of kittens, to celebrate my 100th post, I did a little remodeling. Go click on my About Me Page! I finally added my partner-in-crime, Godiva. Because my blog posts aren’t complete until Godiva walks across my laptop at least once. It’s really a team effort! So go check her out!

Then Like us on and Twitter @vivalaphoebz. Although, I am now strongly considering renaming my twitter…. @YouGoGlenCoco… I bet that’s taken…



2 thoughts on “You Go Glen Coco – 100th Post

  1. Congrats, babe!!! And, I love Mean Girls!!!! How fun that your 100th post is on Wednesday and the Mean Girls anniversary!!!! YAY!!!!! I will go check out your About Me page =)

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