Beach Countdown: 17 days


Mostly today’s post is to pass the torch of responsibility. I’m heading to Target in a few to stock up on those final “Must Haves” before we shove off. Basically, I need someone to hold me accountable for the Target overload that is about to happen. I can gaurentee there will be some yellow involved, since it’s my summer-color-to-be! I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep the reigns pulled in.


Here’s my list. I promise I’ll only get these things. Just these. I swear.

Now here’s my question for the day. Why the HECK is it called Target. Isn’t it about hitting the mark? Doing the specific task? When you target an audience. Or you hit the bullseye on the target. The irony is almost painful. Because if you’re familiar with Target at all, you know that you never accomplish what you went in there for. Yet you’re broke.

I know. My boyfriend is a supervisor. It’s a serious problem.



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