Beach Countdown: 16 Days

Hello May! Guess what you’ve got? My trip on your month! Oh yes! And now that we’ve officially reached the 16 day mark, I went ahead and started shopping for those “Beach Bag Necessities”. Pardon the rough pictures. I chose the Virgin Islands over a better camera. I’m pleased to have a good start! Let’s see what we’ve got here.


First up is my prized possession, the best gift I’ve ever received! It was an early birthday present. (Fyi, Decemeber birthday’s suck.) This came from San Diego Hat Company aka: your favorite hat. Literally, this is my all time favorite hat. $28


Bikini duh! Since I laid eyes on the new design by Kiskin Italy, I basically flipped my sh*t. These bottoms are adorable. They have a heart cut out on the hip for the perfect tan line. Is that not the most adorable thing? I’m gonna be a little hot tottie out there with my heart, and did I mention that is a very cheeky little cut? This doll cost me $38 Euros (You do the math) not to mention the shipping from Italia. Hence the bikini top on sale from Target. $20. Oh Target, how I love thee?


Hello DIY Cutoffs! I even did the angle cut for the “Hot Shorts” look. May I just celebrate my super hot body for a moment? Alright, it’s not super hot quite yet. But it is a hell of a lot more healthy than it was at the beginning of fall! So I busted out these old jeans – they fit again! (Enter chorus of Angels). However, I’m not as short as I once was. What to do with flooding jeans?


Any other day, my Sseko’s are adorable. However, my pink ballerina laces were dirty and I had to improvise. Still pretty adorable though, don’t you think? Sseko Sandals are handmade in Uganda and the money they make when you buy a pair supports their college education. Aw. Yeah. I happen to own 2 pairs, one brown and one black. I wear them 360 days a week because they’re worth the frozen toes. Beauty is pain. $40 + cost of laces.


I found the perfect Beach Mat! Target once again! On sale! $13. Now my poor fabulous beachfront collection will be safe and dry when we hit the sand.


2 thoughts on “Beach Countdown: 16 Days

  1. Target is the best for everything- especially on sale! I commend you on packing early- I can never start packing for a vacation until the day before!

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