Not Your Average 5 Star Puppy Kennel With Flat Screens

Yesterday, miss Halo checked into her puppy hotel while we’re in Kentucky for my sister’s graduation. Now Mom and I are struggling with animal abuse issues.

wpid-0503141316.jpg wpid-0503141545.jpg

See, this kennel is so absolutely fantastic, it really would be cruel to make her leave. Legitimately abusive. This boarding facility has everything a dog could dream of and more. They blew us away from the moment we walked in the door.

You would think the lobby of a kennel would smell bad and be dirty. Nope. Beautiful, clean, full of happy faces, oh and smelled of vanilla candles and Cappuccinos, which we were offered. C’mon now. The workers came out and sat in the floor with our shy girl while we answered a few questions about feeding and play time. I honestly have never been catered to and pampered the way miss Halo was.  Everything, even meal time, is specific to each guest.

wpid-0503141528.jpg  wpid-0503141530.jpg

For Paws Unleashed  is truly a no cage facility. In fact, they don’t even have kennels. They have “cabanas” for small friends and suites for the bigger ones. But these aren’t your ordinary five star puppy suites. These are five star puppy suites with miniature flat screens playing Disney channel softly for your babies, while they sleep on padded puppy cots, with their favorite toys and treats. They even have horse sized kennels for big dogs and doggy buddies who don’t want to be separated.

accom1 accom2 wpid-0503141537.jpg

Plus they have the most adoring workers. They even bring their own dogs in as warm welcoming company as your dog transitions into the new setting. The outdoor area, which is massive by the way, is divided up by large fenced areas. Doggy groups are set up by size and temperament. There’s a perfect area for every dog, and likely, a new friend or two ready to play the vacation away!

daycare13 wpid-0503141534a.jpg wpid-0503141533c.jpg

Oh and there are 3 pools. Not to mention the splash run. Ample shade, toys, “climb-ons” and all the friends you can imagine are right outside the center doors. Also the facility is in rural Kentucky which means no traffic or sirens or strangers bothering your pets on their vacation. The setting is just cows and rolling hills. It’s a gorgeous place!

daycareservices1  pool  pool


In case the tours didn’t ease your mind enough, hold on to your paws… Don’t drop off your pet without the log in information to view the live video feed directly from his/her suite. You can also access the indoor and outdoor play areas at any time. If for any reason you can’t see your friend through the feed, you can give them a call and they will give you an update on what your friend is up to and how their day has gone. How’s that for peace of mind? But we weren’t too worried.

Right before we kissed her goodbye, Halo cracked us a big smile and let us know she would be quite alright over night. We can’t wait to check on her Monday morning after all this college graduation stuff. We’re sure she’s just fine.

wpid-0503141542.jpg wpid-0503141536.jpg


If you and your furry friends are ever staying in Kentucky, do the right thing. Honestly, denying your friend this adventure is just mean. It’s just a mean thing to do. Especially for $28 dollars a night. Your puppy will thank you! Tell them Halo the Knoxville Border Collie sent you!

For Paws Unleashed

121 Bogie Mill Road
Richmond, KY 40475
Office: 859-623-DOGS (3647)
FAX:  (859) 623-6411



3 thoughts on “Not Your Average 5 Star Puppy Kennel With Flat Screens

  1. My family lived and worked near Richmond for just about 3 years and our husky mix went to for paws 4 days a week for daycare! We were obsessed with this place because as you stated, it’s amazing. If all those perks weren’t enough, I thought I’d share some insight for anyone thinking of using this place for daycare (as we did with Tucker). We lived in Lexington and worked in Richmond. We had to be at work earlier than 4 paws opened so, for a small extra fee, they picked tucker up in the morning and drove him to daycare. We typically picked him up in the evening but if we couldn’t, they would gladly drive him home as well. This place is like no other and since moving back home to Chicago, we haven’t been able to find anywhere that compares. We miss you for paws!!!

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