Pre-Graduation Tour of Berea, Kentucky

Instead of helping my family pack up my sister’s dorm, I wandered around campus with what was left of my 27% battery. So it’s not exactly a tour; more like a composition of all the photogenic moments I could find within a 5 block radius of my sister’s dorm. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about these beautiful buildings or moments as, I haven’t been to Berea since the first orientation 4 years ago. I know, I know. I’m a terrible sister. But she still graduates Magna Cum Laude tomorrow at 2 O’clock, so I must not have messed up too badly. Look how well she turned out!

Well, you’ll have to look tomorrow, or next week, after she walks, I photograph, edit, and share the moments. In the mean time, I was poking around little Berea for my first and last time. Someone really should have warned the town. Caution: Proud Sister With A Camera Coming Through!

wpid-0503141932.jpg  wpid-0503141946.jpg wpid-0503141943a.jpgwpid-0503141935a.jpg wpid-0503141939.jpgwpid-0503141938.jpg 

I don’t know what’s up with these hands, but I love them! Apparently Berea is the Handcraft Capital of the Appalachians. I guess that’s why there’s 4 along a 3 block strip!

wpid-0503141934.jpg wpid-0503141933.jpg wpid-0503141943b.jpg    wpid-0503141936.jpg wpid-0503141935.jpg wpid-0503141945.jpg wpid-0503141941a.jpg  wpid-0503141950.jpg  wpid-0503141947b.jpg

While I’ve got you reading here, down at the bottom, I’m tacking on a few fun road trip moments along the way! 2 hours in the car is too much to ask of a girl with a camera. So I slimmed my pickins down. Try not to adore my puppy. Or that sign. I’m fighting an Ad-Major-Moment! Hope everyone has a great night. Tomorrow I’ll probably be sharing about the BEST DOG BOARDING EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD, since my graduation photos won’t be quite ready. Y’all have a good night! It’s 10 o’clock Kentucky time and Spiderman is on, the one with Green Goblin. I’m outtie!

wpid-0503141451.jpg wpid-0503141316.jpg  wpid-0503141556a.jpg wpid-0503141549.jpgwpid-0503141603b.jpg

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