O.R.D. and Gold Therapy

ORD and Gold Therapy

My name is Phoebe and I have ORD.
If I saved all the money I’ve spent on room re-do’s for the past 3 years, I would almost have enough for a psychologist. I’m sure the diagnosis would be something along the lines of “Obsessive Redecoration Disorder.” I am a Redecoratiholic. I’m well aware of my problem.

After about 3 hours on Pinterest, I have talked myself out of another room makeover. Although these precious Gold Dots would be entirely too easy and cheap, I’ve got to get a grip. I think I’m currently averaging 3 room re-do’s a year. Seriously, I know.
But I’m wondering if I just finally pick a good one, one beautiful set up for my abode, I would be happy. And It would be gold dotted.

I just want the Midas Touch to poka-dot all across my room. house. life.
Is that too much to ask?

Honestly I wish there was a hotline I could call for Emergency Gold Therapy. Of course, I would probably call all the time just for fun because who doesn’t need more Gold in their life. Ugh. I need an intervention.

If you care to join my support system, you can help me track my progress on




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