Beach Countdown: 8 Days


This will be me in 8 days. Can you believe it? Now before you laugh, I am already packed clothing wise. But I’m working every single day until then. Knowing me, I would procrastinate so badly I would forget to grab the whole suitcase.

I’ve got 3 jean shorts, 3 Nike shorts, 3 bikinis, 5 nice shirts, oh and a dress and cover up. Plus all the under things. That ought to do it right?  For 8 days of beachlovin? Two pairs of sandals and tennis shoes?  I probably could go lighter, but I realized whether or not I have that extra shirt, it will not effect my magical vacation.

Oh, I should share my devastating story. I made the mistake of loosing my wallet in Kentucky. Yehaw. So after a fiasco of trying to find a branch of my bank that would let me withdrawal $12  without and ID, FOR a new ID, finding an open DMV, taking a new awful picture, proceeding back to bank to order a new card…. let’s just say they all better arrive in time. I am not taking a temporary ID through the airports, off continent.

Hopefully everything will be ship shape by our trip! Just gotta work like 495 gazillion more hours, finish packing, and kiss yall goodbye! Have  a great day!

protestant hotel

*This is my shrub of an island. Protestant Cay off of St. Croix, complete with the cutest digs around. Hotel on the Cay is to be our home away from home next week. It is legitimately the definition of “a slice of heaven”.


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