Camera Loving Photohaulic Problems


I’m having a crisis. A Beach Countdown: 4 Day crisis.

Is it entirely too wishful thinking to hope on our vacation, we magically bump into a student photographer and bribe her to take some couple shots? Of course I wait until 4 days until our trip to realize we have no photography plan. I mean, its it just the two of us and we’re not getting married or anything. We have no huge family to match outfits with. I know I don’t need to spend $200 on a local photographer to take a few pictures. And I won’t. But is it wrong to want a nice simple photo of us?

Plus any other blogger would capitalize on this opportunity to make a fashion shoot. I can see it now. “Here we are on Dreamy Beach. I’m wearing Gucci and Louis and Chanel. $1,000 at this link right here. Kisses and Winks.”

This will be my first real beach trip, first no-parents trip, first over-ocean flight, and first romantic get away. I’m not sure what to expect, or what the protocol is. Frankly, when my friends when to the beach, a few weeks later they had all-white-everything-at-dusk shots. But it’s not mandatory right? Will I regret not having nice pictures taken? My better half probably wouldn’t enjoy shoveling out the dollars either, especially since we can’t all be camera-loving-photohaulics.

Maybe we can bribe one of the receptionists or concierges to take our pictures.

Hotel_Plaque sbob squidward



2 thoughts on “Camera Loving Photohaulic Problems

  1. I’m sure you can find someone to take your pictures! I always look for people with cameras as well, and offer to take some photos of them if they take some of us ❤ tit for tat!! hehe. And if all else fails, beach sunset selfies sound like a pretty photo shoot, too!!!!!

  2. Just ask a friendly local to take a couple of snaps – no need to fork out shitloads of cash on some pics! And get your boyf to shoot a couple of your OOTD – be bossy until he gets them right, that’s what I do LOL! Have a great time x

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