I Love Moon Taxi, Make No Bones About It.

One of the benefits of working in Market Square is the sweet summer nights. On any given summer night, the pavilion is staged for a festival, showcase, or concert. Every night is really a surprise as to what exactly is shaking in the square. Honestly, I love it.

Probably, because in the course of the afternoon, the square can go from lonely and dry to packed and wild. I really think they put us in a Southern Trance.


wpid-0510142128a-1.jpg wpid-0510142129a.jpg 

The other night, I had finished closing up the shop and was heading out the door into the mob. I had no idea our guest was Moon Taxi. Yes, THE Moon Taxi. And of course they played my favorites, Southern Trance and Morocco. I never dreamed I would hear them live, and frankly – so much better than the radio version. Anywho, I walked out the door and bumped into this little gem. Emily here is a co-worker of mine. I was just going to take a few shots, but she was like “Let’s go to the stage!” So after I took these few shots, we ran through the mob and danced our asses off.

My advice to you is to see Moon Taxi live, with friends, by surprise, for free. But if you can’t, hit as many targets as you can. That night was probably one of the most fun of my life. Do it. Right after you soak in envy and look at my shots while listening to Southern Trance right here! Also, See that video image? That’s the stage view of my Market Square, which they mention in the song!

wpid-0510142118.jpg wpid-0510142214c.jpg wpid-0510142214b.jpg wpid-0510142214a.jpg


wpid-0510142130.jpg   wpid-0510142127.jpg wpid-0510142123.jpg


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