How I Felt At Victoria’s Secret.


This is exactly what was running though my mind as I stepped forward in line and swiped my card. I had a simple mission, go in and find a cute bikini cover up and maybe a Pink bag for my beach gear. I figured that it’s my first college summer. I worked my arse off for those A’s and B’s. (By the way, I got A’s and B’s). I am going to sunny St. Croix. I deserve a cute cover up and bag.

Boy howdy.  Long story short, I earned that free towel that comes only after a $75 purchase. And I don’t know how much you have to spend to get a mini perfume, but I hit that mark too! It only took 2 hours of talking myself out of buying the things, and one sales girl convincing me otherwise.

But thinking about it now, I was just brassiere shopping at Belk and found a comfy Maidenform that was $40. Of course I talked myself out of it. But, when I was in Vicky’s today I noticed an entire wall that said Bras: 2 for $49.98. Time out. Victoria’s has affordable bras? Seriously? And pretty too with lots of styles, sizes, and colors? What the actual heck.

So it turns out Victoria’s Secret isn’t just for rich barbies. It’s actually affordable – more so than Belk. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to slow me down. I went slightly overboard I would say. In all honesty, I am in no position to blow the dollares this close to my trip. That’s my parasailing money bro. What are you doing!

vicky wpid-0513141156.jpg

Oh well. I didn’t drop a load in the street in a French wedding dress. Poor Lillian. It could be so much worse. Although the feeling is the same. How do you all feel about Victoria’s Secret vs. Other Brands?

One thought on “How I Felt At Victoria’s Secret.

  1. I love Victoria’s Secret! I love how they always mail me coupons for free stuff and $10 and whatnot. Congrats on getting the $75 mark and getting free stuff! That’s awesome!!

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