I’m About to Go Van Gogh Up in Here.


Good morning friends. I am up this too-early-morning blogging because I simply can not sleep anymore. I’ve been trying all night and I’m just not doing well. See friends, I have developed what my doctor called, “a narly looking ear canal infection”. I haven’t had an ear inflection since I was a little girl and I forgot how excruciating it is! The pain has lasted 4 days now and the antibiotics aren’t showing any results. Now the pain is from my temple down my neck towards my collar bone. It’s been really thrilling.

I can’t even think about touching any side of my face because the pain is so intense. I’m really hoping these drugs kick in soon – everyone keeps promising that tomorrow morning I will feel much better. Liars.

I hope you weren’t expecting a roaring list of remedies to help ear aches in general. Nope. This is simply another place to cry and complain since I’ve overloaded my Twitter feed feeling sorry for myself. The good news is, my very best friend is coming over to take care of me. Love her heart. Sierra – don’t forget to swing by Redbox! And bring lots of bandages for when I cut this ear off!

If Van Gogh can do it, I can do it.

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