Allergies Got Me Like..


I was at work the other day, (In Knoxville I might add, the #1 worst city for Spring Allergies) pretending I wasn’t absolutely dying. Of course it wasn’t working. One of the customers I was checking out finally spoke up. “Bless your heart honey, you must have allergies.” Note to self – wear more cover up to hide puffy sinuses. Otherwise there was no help for my eyes. I must have looked like Droopy the Dog.

Also, I had absolutely NO relief on hand. Then came the list.

The list of must-buy-to-survive-tonight relief products. As soon as I got off work, I dragged my happy self over to Walgreens and stocked up on the necessities for the week. these are my go-to’s. Generally, I don’t have any good home remedies. Any suggestions? Don’t suggest sleep either, two nights ago, I racked up 15 hours straight of sleep! I’m hoping keeping medicated but keeping busy will help. Atleast I won’t have time to feel sorry for myself!

For now, I am off to work – but I expect lots of product suggestions and tips when I get off work! Don’t you love me? Don’t you want me well? Don’t forget to like TBTL on Facebook (/takenbythelapels) and follow on Twitter (@vivalaphoebz)

Love you all, get some rest!



cool burstpuffs plus vicks


PS. Thank you to all you amazing people who checked on my ear infection! You all are so sweet! I wasn’t expecting anyone to humor my complaints! I love you all and it is getting so much better every day. I think my ear draining is what’s gotten my allergies so stirred up. So every day is a better day and I’ll be 100% in no time! XO



One thought on “Allergies Got Me Like..

  1. Allergies are the worst! Each year it’s like a shock to the system. I HAVE to use a nasal spray every day – something over the counter, but the strongest thing they have. Also oversized sunglasses, not only do they keep the pollen out of your eyes you also look super-stylin’
    Feel better love xo

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