Breast Cancer Survivors Deserve Beautiful Bikinis Too!

My inner woman is bursting with pride after finding about about fashion’s ability to change lives once again.

206,966 women received the heartbreaking diagnosis of breast cancer in 2010. Regardless of the stage it reaches, breast cancer scars every fighter for life, on the inside and out. While we may love and support them through their recovery, some of the effects pose challenges only the women themselves may overcome. Confidence and beauty become all new words, things we take for granted. We also take for granted thinks like swim suit season. Try complaining about your bikini body after fighting for you life. Try on that swim suit after a mastectomy.

Elina Halttunen, Ph.D refused to be ashamed of her new body. After her mastectomy she wanted to feel normal again. That meant enjoying her own body and enjoying her life to the fullest. Halttunen designed a bikini that fit her body perfectly. Now she and her team, Vilma and Katriina, designers from Nutty Tarts designers, are excited to continue making these amazing suits. Halttunen told ViralNova:

The idea of Monokini 2.0 was born out of a need for clothing down as much as possible during a persistent heat wave. Having only one breast made finding fitting bikinis difficult, therefore I fashioned my own Monokini. Having done that, I thought that maybe there would be others out there like me, women who wanted swimwear that would not make them feel that they were missing a breast. Besides, being one-breasted creates great possibilities for cool swimwear design,”

These monokinis were designed for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. We don’t want them to hide anymore. They are warriors, and we are proud of their battle scars. The Monokini 2.0 funding page just went live May 30th. Please help me in supporting their idea by funding and sharing to get the word out! I am very excited to be pledging on behalf of my amazing followers, but first – let’s share this story as much as possible! I think we all dream of a day when we find our own true beauty – let’s keep that dream alive! These women deserve it! Check back soon for detail on the pledge!







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