Social Media Director Position? Don’t Mind If I Do!

It’s not every day that your evil plan works exactly according to plan! I started this blog hoping it would give me a one up when big-girl-job-time rolled around. Well Ladies and Gents – Let the victory flag fly! Introducing the new Social Media Director of Fizz Boutique!

PicMonkey Collage

Fizz is one of downtown Knoxville’s cutest locally owned boutiques. I am going to be writing the updates for Fizz’s Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Website. I know – total dream come true! They’ve been updateless for almost a year now and I’m thrilled they invited me to take on the job! Honestly – it’s a fabulous little shop that really deserves someone passionate about fashion, about advertising, and about social media. I mean – have you seen my blog? I was born for this!

Not to sound like an Oscar Winner or anything, but my dreams are coming true. It’s only right to give credit and thanks where they are due. So thanks Mom, for being there even when the stat’s page said “One View, One Visitor.” Thanks my fabulous followers – you’re my muse and my blog would just be a lonely hole in the internet without you! Also – a handful of amazing friends who talked me into accepting the job! I turned them down once before believe it or not – I was afraid to take a risk and leave the boutique I was working at. They reminded me that the only loyalty I have is to my future! I love you all for that! Oh, and thank you to my incredible bosses at Bliss for understanding and supporting my career step.

Thanks Thanksy Thanks! Y’all hop on over to Facebook & Twitter to like/follow Fizz.  ASAP! We’re revamping all the platforms next week when I start & you really don’t want to miss the new ‘do ! Love Yall!




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