Rainbow Cakes – Not Even That Difficult!


Today we’re cooking with Sara! I’m so thrilled to have my best gal back in Knoxville after an entire semester away. We finally managed to get together (instead of just talking about getting together – can I get an AMEN?) We had the best intention of getting some sun, going to the pool, then meeting up with friends for an ultimate Frisbee throwdown. The weather, however, said Screw That Idea. So we did what any logical group of young women would do. Pinterest. After about 45 minutes of saying, No wait, this looks tastier, we finally decided to make rainbow cake.

Now before you say, that’s a #NailedIt fail waiting to happen and click away, you should know this. It’s so dang easy. So. Dang. Easy. Just mix your cake batter. See Sara up there, just mixing cake batter? Then, we separated the mixed batter into 4 bowls and just dripped some food coloring in. Then we poured our little bowls into our pans.

wpid-0605141642.jpg wpid-0605141647a.jpg

Like so. Then. If you’re wanting to go crazy like I did, stick that lovely index finger in the middle of the pan and stir it all around. Go crazy. Don’t you even worry about the raw eggs. I licked every single one of those bowls clean and I survived!

wpid-0605141647b.jpg wpid-0605141650.jpg

Follow the directions on the box as far as cooking.  Don’t burn them! Check them regularly because if you burn them, they won’t taste like rainbow. They will taste like charred rainbows and sadness.

wpid-0605141733.jpg wpid-0605141730.jpg     wpid-0605141726.jpg

Here we see Sara enthusiastically texting every single person she knows! She is actively telling everyone about the rainbow cake tutorial and her best friend blogger. She is telling them to like Taken By The Lapels on Facebook and follow the blog. You really should take her advice! Go Forth and Rock On!

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