Obsessed: Pineapple Trinket Holder

I don’t know what I am more obsessed with right now. This Pineapple Jewelry Box or the New Zealand shop that I found it in. Merge Fashion is just about the cutest online shop I’ve ever found, not to mention a blog to die for. In fact, I move to give a round of applause to Merge for being all together fabulous. Unfortuntely, I think they sold out of this pineapple trinket holder so I had to find it elsewhere. However, as long as I get my pineapple and Merge stays fabulous, they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Get ready to get bombarded by your new biggest fan! Merge – Beware! Because I’m about to convert my entire paycheck to New Zealand Dollars. Or maybe I just need to make friends with an Auckland blogger and we can trade fashion! Wish me luck! For now, I’m eyeing this trinket holder down like a hawk until payday.

Featuring jewels and accessories from Tokyo Bay, 2 Chic, Chibi Jewels and Vanessa Mooney.

merge2 merge3 

merge merg 




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