When the Lights Go Down in the City.



So of course a storm snuck up on sweet Knoxville the night I go over to my best friend’s house. We were all tucked in on the sofa ready to start The Heat (With Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy – you know the one). We were so excited, and then came the rains. And boy, did it rain! And boy, did that power go out! So there we were. Pathetic helpless children of the 21st century, our cellphones draining by the second. The panic set in.

After about 30 minutes of dwelling, we finally lit some candles and busted out the board games. Clue and Life on the floor by candle light. By the way I won with $914,000 to $415,000. Go me! It was a blast! Then we got out the trusty paper and crayolas.

I wrote some snail mail to some blog friends, drew some landscapes, and practiced some handwritten font styles. It was so refreshing, especially just singing and talking with my friend without cell phone distractions. We relived some early Disney song memories then Mumford and Sons, and Adele.

So relaxing. I wish the power went out more often.



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