You’ll Be Ok.


Life is what you make it. I think that’s true. But when you’re trying to make something broken work, you might find yourself trying very very hard. Sometimes, it gets exhausting trying to make it work when it’s running into the ground. It’s frustrating keeping it all together when it’s tanking. Don’t feel like you have to hold up the world all the time.

Rest your arms.

We all need a turn at the defensive line. But whatever you do, remember that you are in control. Your duty is to your heart, not to anything else. So rest well, but fight on. Fight for what you love and do not stop fighting. Do not loose sight or loose faith, no matter how difficult it gets. Life is what you make it – make it nothing less than your dream come true.

Don’t you think you deserve that? Who is to say your dreams aren’t worth coming true? I think in the long run, you are the only one that holds you back. You make your decisions in life. Are your priorities straight? Are your ducks in a row?

And that baggage you’re carrying? Let it go. What is it contributing to besides fueling your fears and your doubts? Isn’t the journey long enough without your past holding you back? You are a lover, a dreamer, and a fighter.

I am fighting for my family. I am fighting for my home. I am fighting for my career. I am fighting for love and my future. And I am fighting the entire world for it. But I won’t stop fighting, even when it’s tough.

Because I know I’ll Be Ok.



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