To Roommate or Not to Roommate?

After 3 very frivolous attempts to move out, I finally gave up and got comfy at home. I was young and foolish and fresh out of high school. Literally, my first “roommate” and I were pinning cute kitchens before Graduation. So, of course our plans fell through. None of my potential roommates nor I were in a position to afford a new homestead. It just wasn’t good timing.


I know it has only been one year of college, but I honestly feel so much more grown up. I’ve moved on to bigger jobs, bigger responsibilities, and bigger life changers. Sometime in the last year, I think I’ve become an almost-adult.

Some of those big life changers, and jobs, and responsibilities have found me struggling to stay at home.  I had a whole stint where I was thrilled to be home – I could afford my Taco Bell, save for travel, buy cute clothes, go on adventures… I was beyond okay without bills to pay. But reality is starting to sneak up on me. My house isn’t going to be ideal forever. Things will be changing soon and I’m going to have to be prepared. I’ve run through all the scenarios. Room mates. Not having Roommates.


So, I’m talking myself back into the idea. Moving out. Living on my own. The hardest question now is – who with? Not my boyfriend. No, we’re still just babies. Not my best friends, they all moved out of state. Not my co-workers, 8 hours a day is enough. Not my sibling – 19 years was More than enough. I’m just not sure what to do. And I am NOT okay with roommating with someone I am not close to. Definitely not strangers. I mean, I am going to be LIVING my LIFE where I actually LIVE with this person. I am not going to pick just anyone.

I am perfectly comfortable living on my own. I think I would grow up REAL fast. I wouldn’t have a lot of time to drag around. I would have to keep my space clean. I would have to keep my lights on. And keep my grades up. So that would take all the guess work out of room mates, sharing bills, respecting space… yada yada. Plus I could decorate however I want! The only reason I would want a room mate is because I don’t want to furnish the whole daggum thing myself. I don’t wanna buy an entire sofa! Plus little stuff like dishes. That crap is expensive.


The good news is, no one is kicking me out yet. I have a fabulous new job that makes even more fabulous money. I figure – if I make enough to live comfortably on my own when it’s time – and I can afford furnishing the place – and I’m stable – I might as well move out! So I’m just getting a head start. I guess whether or not I have a Roomie will be a bridge to cross when we get there.



3 thoughts on “To Roommate or Not to Roommate?

  1. Moving out is fun, and I say take on a room mate while you’re still a newbie to the situation. I’ve lived with strangers, friends and family and right now if I wasn’t living with my sis I’d be living alone as I don’t think I could put up with people’s random shit now that I’m 34 LOL!
    Exciting times for you xo

  2. I’m currently looking for a new apartment, going to take the plunge and live by myself. I’ve lived at home, with friends, and with strangers and never had a bad experience. Just hate being the one who has all the bills in her name and have to hound people for money! If the lights go off when I’m on my own, it’s my own fault! Good luck with it when you finally take the leap, it’s going to be loads of fun.

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