Fifi in the Flesh and Fur.

So this happened today!

dog dogg
I honestly love Knoxville so much! Legitimately every week Market Square hosts a fun event – not to mention the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This morning I treated myself to a fresh-that-morning Banana Nut Muffin and a pint of fresh=picked-that-morning Blueberries. So Yum! Unfortunately, I had to clock into work before I could enjoy the whole market. It was pretty heartbreaking. However, not as heartbreaking as leaving at 5. See – Today at 6 on the Square, the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley sponsored the 20th Annual Bark in the Park! I missed the ENTIRE thing. Heartbreaking, don’t you agree? Hundreds of East Tennessee’s finest pooches strutted their stuff down the plaza and through the park.

Fortunately, I did get to catch this cutie pie! Isn’t she adorable?! A real life FiFi! I just couldn’t help myself, I had to share her on here! My wish for you this week is to find a pink poodle.

fifi frufru


5 thoughts on “Fifi in the Flesh and Fur.

  1. That’s my dog “Bella”…mascot of Le Caniche Rose Pet Spa…and love of my life. She’s a HABIT therapy dog and works at East Tennessee Children;s hospital. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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