Sick as a Dog.

As many of you know I’m dog sitting this week. I have  a big black lab named Ellie Mae, a big Boxer named Thelma Lou, a medium mix named Molly, a Yorkie, Cat, and Chinchilla. Every day is trial and error with these guys since they’re all still very young.

wpid-0616141035d.jpg wpid-0615142045.jpg

Miss Thelma Lou (Left) is our topic of the day. See, she snatched half a Honeydew melon off the counter the other day. The good news is, it’s perfectly non-toxic for dogs. The bad news is, it still tore up Thelma Lou’s tummy. That, plus her stress problems when her family leaves has her sick as a, well, dog. We’re talking explosive bloody diarrhea. I know. I’ll spare you the dirty details. Just know I’m on my hands and knees again every hour or so. Oy Vey – this will stop eventually too?

Bless Her Heart. It’s really sad to see her curl up small in her little chair. I know if I was that sick I would be curled up small too. Miserable tummies make for very awful night, let me tell ya. I guess humans and dogs aren’t so different after all – I wish I could make her feel better. She may be a counter snatching peebody jumping bean but she is a sweet girl.

My dog babes are my problem  responsibility for 5 more days. My mommy dearest just dropped off a whole ‘nother thing of paper towels, more bleach spray for the floor, and garbage bags. Actually, I’ve gotta sign out for now. Miss Molly’s itchy Spring skin is making her wimper. Where did I put the no-itchy-spray?



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