Fun Fact Friday: All the Pets!

Bet You Didn’t Know This!

Every pet I’ve ever owned has been black, white, or black and white. It’s really been a hoot. Legitimately every pet I can remember has been in the monochromatic club! Even our latest addition, who came home this afternoon! I’ll introduce her tomorrow! For today, I wanted to give you a little background on the household companions. Another quick note – All these babes were adopted from a local shelter! Remember – your best friend is waiting there for you!



Hershey is the dog – an American Eskimo baby I had the majority of my childhood. We lost her back in high school, and it broke our hearts. She  was the most well behaved, perfect, sweet dog in the world. No one will ever compare. She cuddled and played even up until her old age took her eyesight. Poor thing kept falling off the porch trying to play – now that’s a man’s best friend for you.


Nestle was Hershey’s best friend. Nestle was a mutt kitty we adopted from the shelter. He came from a hoarder’s home and you could tell. He was such a cuddler – he would literally cling onto your shoulder and pull himself close. Then he would rub his face against your chin. Nothing made him happier. He was such a trooper – FYI Cars – slow down. You never know who’s rolling in the street on the other side of that blind hill.


Halo is the Border Collie next in line. She is currently my mother’s shadow. They are attached at the hip and Mom is the only one who can touch her. Halo was raised on a farm with little human interaction. Running around with goats and cows, the only word she learned was “Hey!” So we figured, why not call her Halo?


Then there is my partner in crime! Godiva is my best gal! She is an American Bobtail, but she is actually a rabbit. She thumps across the house, running like a bunny. She knows her name is Godiva, but I’ve been calling her Thumper since the day we met. She responds to both! She’s actually down to 8 lives after she fell off the deck and broke her hips, pelvis, and lower back. We spent a TON of money on that kiss of death – but now she’s even bouncier and more reckless than ever.


Lastly, there’s the newest addition! (Name Undecided) came home today about 8 hours ago. She’s probably fast asleep in her laundry basket right now. That’s about all I know about her besides the fact that she is a lap dog at it’s finest. I’ll be introducing her more tomorrow! See you then! SPOILER ALERT: Adorable Pictures To Come


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