Snail Mail Revolution!

I blame Christina at and Rosie at ARedLipAndANudeShoe.Wordpress.Com ENTIRELY for reviving the snail mail revolution. I seriously can’t get enough of the whole pen pal idea!

penn pal

Honestly, think about the last time you opened your mail box and WEREN’T disappointed? Seriously. Bills. Bills. Crappy Coupons. An Invitation to a random church. More Bills. Unless it’s Christmas or Birthday season, my mailbox is just a sad place. So, Cheers to all those embracing the snail mail! I want in on it! Not to mention, I make a killer Care Package! I just want to trade boxes of love across the world! That sounds way more fun than a Birch box or anything like that! I love surprises, I love friends, I love letters.

What are we waiting for people! I’m looking forward to reaching out to some regular friends of mine – but feel free to let me know if you want to be pennypal too! I would love nothing more! Unfortunately, I don’t have a P.O. Box. But I do have an address! Just let me know or email me  🙂 I plan on spending the better half of tomorrow writing love notes to all my lovely blog friends! You should be one!

pen pal


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