What is a “Southern Belle”?

I was writing to a friend in Australia the other day, trying to describe where I come from. Then it dawned on me.

Australia doesn’t have Southern Belles.

England doesn’t have Southern Belles.

Argentina and Belgium don’t have Southern Belles.

Does the world even know what a Southern Belle is?

Bless Their Hearts!

Does the world even know about the States’ weird divide? Down here,  we absolutely cherish our “Southern” values, traditions, and quirks. We take pride in our “Southern” roots. I mean, does the rest of the world even capitalize the S in South? We sure do. It’s kind of a big deal ’round these here parts. Ain’t you ever heard of Southern Hospitality? I guess it’s a historical thing going back towards the Civil War. (Does the world know about that too? Is that in international history books? That’s a story for another day!)

Seeing as I still haven’t addressed what a “Southern Belle” is or what it means to be “Southern” to my international friends, I found this. This says it all. I COMMEND these fabulous women for creating the single funniest and most TRUE video I have ever seen in my life. I most certainly am a Southern Belle, but not NEARLY to the extent that many of my neighbors and friends are.  I have just enough “Southern Drawl” to be made fun of in New York, but I sure don’t have the accent as badly as many folks. However, I am guilty of QUITE a few of these…

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you.

Southern Belles.



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