The One Piece: Back and Sexier Than Ever!


Alright maybe it’s just my new found love for Fizz Boutique. But I am in love with every single swimsuit in their new collection. Even the one pieces! I never thought a vintage item could change my opinion about a style – but Man Alive! These vintage one pieces make norm bikini’s look b-o-r-i-n-g. I seriously am considering adding one to my personal collection – I haven’t owned a one piece since I was about 11 years old. (At that point my too-tall-girl torso was just too much for the one piece style. I was an early bikini wearer)

I’m looking forward to slipping one on next time I’m shopping there! I know, I know, I work there. But I haven’t tried anything on, and I am holding off for the perfect thing! I just need to take a day and try on one of all Fizz’s new collection. Seriously. You can’t tell me that honeycomb one isn’t to die for. Plus it has a peek hole right at the breast bone. Modest is Hottest, right?

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