It’s Not Summer Without Bonfires

wpid-0622142052.jpg wpid-0622142037.jpg

Nothing says Summer like Bonfires! I may have gone a little overboard on the whole “perfect summer night” thing. But I think I nailed it!

We all met over at my friend Sara’s house. (You remember Sara right? My Co-Chef in Rainbow Cakes – Not Even That Difficult!) Well Miss Sara has a lovely fire pit in her yard! Every now and then, she breaks out the bug spray and lighter fluid and calls up the crew! It’s always a blast! You never know who’ll show up! That afternoon, Sara had just sorted through her old school papers.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching Calculus assignments go up in flames. It’s pretty freaking amazing! Since I bought the S’mores fixins, I got the first marshmallow!

wpid-0622142057a.jpg wpid-0622142053a.jpg wpid-0622142053.jpg wpid-0622142102.jpg wpid-0622142058a.jpg  wpid-0622142056.jpg

Right before we packed up and went home, Sara and our friend Hali had a surprise! See, they had these magic packets of magic. They threw them into the fire, and holy smokes! Holy Aqua Smokes! Our fire turned Aqua Blue! Not even like super-hot-fire blue. It was absolutely beautiful! I had never seen anything like it! Way to top off a fabulous night!

wpid-0622142146.jpg wpid-0622142145f.jpg

One thought on “It’s Not Summer Without Bonfires

  1. Aw! I love bonfires!! ❤ I wish it were a little bit cooler in FL for them b/c there's nothing like making smores while sitting around a fire!! =) I'm so happy to see you are having a great Summer, Phoebe!

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