Tennessee Riverboat: The Star of Knoxville


I have lived in Knoxville all my life, right on the Tennessee River. Yet, I’ve only rode the Star Riverboat once before.

I finally decided the time had come! So I splurged and treated my honey and myself to lunch on the Star! It was an absolute delight! Everyone was so sweet, from the Captain and the servers, to the sweet retired Air Force men who were fellow guests. We were treated to all you can eat Chicken in Gravy, Mashed potatoes, and Green Beans. Not to mention the prettiest salad I have ever seen! For fear that my date would tease me for taking too many pictures, I didn’t photograph my plate. Just this most Delicious dessert! The Riverboat really spared no luxury!

wpid-0623141158a.jpg wpid-0623141241.jpg

I wish I could tell you more about the old jewel. It runs only by the 2 large paddlers in the back. It’s been cruising up and down the Tennessee River for ages, providing food, fun, and a memorable experience for all its guests. The first half of our cruise was our meal, then the guests were invited to the top deck for sightseeing. Our captain was our tour guide. He was too funny and charming as he pointed out historic landmarks, wildlife, private residences I had no idea existed!

wpid-0623141300b.jpg wpid-0623141254.jpg


I highly, highly recommend a trip on the Star of Knoxville! For lunch, dinner, or just a sightseeing trip, the Star is an amazing way to spend the day in Knoxville! Tell your friends!

wpid-0623141327a.jpg wpid-0623141317d.jpg





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