I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves

You may recognize that statement from the good book. Song of Solomon 3:4.

Unfortuntely, I am not talking about the man. I am talking about the dress!  My dear and I have a long long ways ahead of us before I can actually have the dress. And the wedding. And the marriage. I have, however, found a dress that makes my heart sing almost as much as the guy does!

So if you don’t mind. Let the dreamy eyed 19 year old whisk away into her fantasy. Behold.

bella bride bella phoebe's dress

Yasmine Yeya, you have outdone yourself! I adore everything about this designer and her collection Maison Yeya. Miss Yeya is an Egyption-French designer currently based in Cairo. Her many fans, myself included, are dying for her gowns to make it to the states!

From her Facebook:

The artistic manufacturing technique was inspired by a sophisticated reflection of the eternal beauty of the modern classic woman. Throughout the past year, each of Yeya’s couture gowns managed to top the charts of the most talked about gowns in Egypt, which were derived to create her first fashion house collection. Haute couture as an art persists in providing us with a paragon of the most beautiful clothing that can be envisioned.


Elegant, sophisticated, and royalesque, she incorporates low backs, intricate French lace, and tulle into her designs. She created everything from breathtaking ball gowns to sultry short dresses – a piece for every portion of the event.  If any of my lovely readers adore Miss Yeya’s designs and want to get one before me, she is taking orders via her Facebook page – Yasmine Yeya Couture– or via email at info@maisonyeya.com

I can only hope that in a few years, if my dear will have me, this fabulous dress will be available to me. Then we can crack open that Good Book, say a few words, and live happily ever after.

dress dress2 dress3 dress4



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