You Already Know.


You are fancy doll. It’s the song of the summer and you know it. So sing it loud and proud at the top of your lungs! Grab your favorite shades, roll down the windows, and belt that biatch. Because you deserve it!

Don’t let anyone in this world stop you from feeling like you Own it. That is confidence. That is more valuable than all the shoes and cars and bottles of wine you can find.  See, confidence is a lost art. Like any skill, it takes practice and hard work to become good at something. That includes your self esteem. You have to tell yourself you are a bad b*tch, golden, and high demand. You are desired by men and envied by women. Why? Because you are beautiful and amazing! Then you gotta walk the walk.

You have to be beautiful and amazing. That means inside too. Because when you feel like a jerk – you’re not fancy. I’m sorry. So don’t be a jerk. Don’t be hateful or rude.

Actually, don’t worry about anyone but you!  And especially not hater. You just can’t worry ’bout no haters, gotta stay on your grind.

fancy fancy1 fancy3fancy2


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