Good News for Students Who Love Bad News.


Prospective University of Tennessee Knoxville student here. I have fabulous news!

This year, we’re taking “Broke College Student” to the next level! Here’s the Quick and Dirty as of June 17th

UTK Students could see a 6% Tuition increase this fall. The UT Board of trustees are working out the kinks this week. AKA: My fellow Vols and I can expect anywhere from $8,766 – $10,366 in rates. We are all especially thrilled about this! See, last year all new full-time students were required to pay for 15 credit hours instead of 12. The 6 percent bump is higher than university leaders had expected, but state revenue shortfalls meant basically, they had their hands tied.


It is my dying wish, because I’m pretty sure one of those classes is going to kill me, that all this college is worth it. Fortunately for me, I’ll be knocking out the rest of my core classes in community college. Nice. Cheap. Community College. Where I miss out on all the parties, games, dorms, and other university junk. But I’m about $22,000 closer to sweet freedom than all my fellow Sophomores.

So I’m trying not to brood too much. I want to complain about that extra $300 or so – all the things I could be spending that $300 on. Like books, and gas, and parking passes, and junk. But I’m trying to embrace the larger number. What ever will I spend my $22,000 on?

Not a drunken freshman stupor that’s for sure.






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