It’s All Temporary

It’s funny how many people have given me the same advice this month. I’ve heard it 1,000 times since I watched my first OITNB. Turns out Drama Tv can have a positive influence on its audience.

Orange is the New Black ~ #OITNB It's all temporary..

It has been extremely hectic in the Spooner house.This month, we had house guests living with us for 2 weeks, we got a new puppy, and every member of my house got a new job. Some of us have doctors appointments and medicines, some of us began summer grad school classes, and all of us are overwhelmed. And trying not to rip each other’s throats out.

Love you mean it.

As of right now, all the changes are getting to me. As many of you know I’m about a month into my new job. Turns out I am not just updating the Facebook for my shop. I am the full fledged Marketing and Advertising Director. Which would rock, but as a rising sophomore in community college (yet to break into my field classes) I am a smidge overwhelmed. Plus, the person I replaced is long gone. AKA no training, no assistance, no mercy.

So there’s that. This job is the type of job I would kill for once I graduate. Frankly, I don’t think they read my resume. They would know I haven’t studied Photoshop, HTML, and Statistics. Instead, they expect me to know these things. So far, I’ve been able to piece together the tools and skills I need, but I don’t think it will work forever.

Fortunately, doors continue to open for me. I meet a new professionals in my field every day. I’m reassured that, if it turns out I bit off more than I can chew, I have developed some connections for support. I just have to continue to embrace my new mindset. Blame Orange is the New Black, or any of the other people who’ve given me this advice.

It’s all Temporary.

Orange is the New Black - Mandala Quote "It's all temporary."



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