I can only assume most big cities find Graffiti and its’ artists to be a nuisance. I can only assume that because in Knoxville, we treat our graffiti artists the way an artist should be treated. Their allies are frequented by locals and visitors ready to see what’s new to grace the walls. In fact, on any given spring day you can find an artist and his supplies spread out on the concrete.

You may call it vandalism but I call it another local business. Instead of inspiring the economy, it inspires the downtown work force. Instead of money, many of the artists just take publicity for it, leaving their names and contacts. Big City Folk, don’t tell me that’s not awesome. Just another reason to love Knoxville.

Our beautiful allies give us free photo shoot settings, places to hide during the precious break hour, a shortcut to the shops on the next street, and a place to express ourselves.

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