Did I just spend $8 on a Midnight Pistachio Run? Yes, I did.

Hello, My Name is Phoebe and I have a Pistachio eating problem.

Me and my pistachios have been inseparable for the past 7 days. I have purchased almost 28 oz of nuts and my bill is beyond me. Any minute now my skin is gonna turn green, I just know it.

I don’t know how it happened. I tried my very first pistachio about a month ago from a coworker. It was the weirdest thing I had ever tasted. Now here I am, a month later. Here I am completely obsessed with this odd little snack.

Look at all the delicious ways we can enjoy this snack! FYI, none of these are links. I am petrified to actually OPEN any of these recipes. I know I am signing my addiction center application form.

But we can still look! See? We have Pistachio Bark.  


p bark


We have Pistachio Biscotti

p biscotti


Pistachio Cheesecake

p cake


Pistachio Cupcakes



p cupcakes


Pistachio Fudge





p fudge


Pistachio Icecream

p ice


Pistachio Macaroons

p macaroons


I love Pistachios Dude. 

p shells

6 thoughts on “Did I just spend $8 on a Midnight Pistachio Run? Yes, I did.

    • Lauren! I just wanted you to know that although I didn’t eat that cheesecake, I did spend about $15 more dollars since then on pistachios. I have a problem. Thank you for showing your support in my path to addiction free life ;))

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