Style Bloggers That Are Totally Fangirl Worthy.

To celebrate (more like channel my enthusiasm for) my big photoshoot this evening, I am sharing my 2 favorite fashion bloggers. Elizabeth and Olivia both run beautiful, successful, adored-by-all blogs.

Color me a fangirl, but we all need our style icons, am I right?


Delightfully Tacky’s Elizabeth has been blogging since 2008. More than just her personal style, Elizabeth shares her adventures living in Alaska, inspiration, health, and creative endeavors. She says she loves the charm of tacky, kitschy things, but I have yet to see anything besides this classy blogger at her loveliest.


Olivia is far from yet-another-London-Blogger. She uses her blog as an log for her favorite trends, foods, music, and adventures. What makes her stand out is her eye for detail and her fun personality! Both reflect in her photography and posts! I would call Olivia’s taste as soft, chic, and refined. What’s not to love?

Just between us, I have been Pintereststalking these lovely ladies. I’ve got my second photo shoot in the history of Taken and I can’t help but be stoked. I wouldn’t call myself a style blogger yet – stylish blogger maybe. But my closet and my photography resources aren’t quite ready to take the online world by fashion storm. However, I can baby step in, one photo shoot at a time. Starting tonight! 

Now excuse me I’ll be channeling my inner Olivia and Elizabeth!

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