Woman Crush Wednesday.

One of the best parts about being a girl is,

We are allowed to have our foxy celebrity crushes. Our men won’t judge us. In fact, they may just drool a little. If I had to be a boy though, man alive! Are these not the most stunning women ever?

I don’t partake in #WCW all that often. I would probably end up repeatedly confessing my love for Kat, Lauren, and Yvonne. These TV bombshells have stolen too many hearts on their hit shows over the past few years. Recognize them?

Kat Graham is hottie Bonnie Bennett in Vampire Diaries. She is also a musician and all around a total fox. Not to mention her Hannah Montana and Parent Trap days.


Lauren Cohen was also had a cameo Vampire Diaries, but that was long before her role in Walking Dead. She’s the only reason I made it through season 3. She looks good bare covered in blood, but I much prefer the dolled up version. She had a few spots in Supernatural, and also my Chuck. Oh Man.


Lastly, every geek’s dream girl. Yvonne Strahovski played a kick ass spy in Chuck. When it ended in 2012, all her fans died inside. Fortunately she’s come back on Dexter and 24. Oh, and that I, Frankenstein movie I’m too afraid to watch. I might have to be brave though. She’s so worth it!


Yvonne stahovski

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