Cinderella Pedicure

cinderella pedi

My friends at Julep invited me to share a post about my favorite pedicure. At first, I was at a loss. I thought to myself, I never treat myself to a pedicure. What would I say? It’s been so long… Last time I gave myself a pedicure, I was going to a fancy party and was trying to feel like a princess. I wanted my tootsies to be as silky soft as my gown. I was going for Cinderella and my feet were perfectly Ball Worthy. Cinderella never needed complicated magic and fancy tricks to make her wish come true. All she needed was a just a few ingredients… Bibbiti. Bobbity. Boo.

cracked feet


Washing feet

pedicure feet

Thanks for the inspiration! I may not be stepping into my glass slippers anytime soon, but I am ready to step in style! If you need fabulous new tooties to step into style, be sure to check out Julep’s polish collection! Your dream-come-true color awaits!


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