That Model Life

I had such a blast last month modeling for Rocky’s Photography! Let me tell you, I have never had a better time on a photo shoot in my life. Rocky and his wife Serena set me up at the most beautiful park in Knoxville, and we went to town! I have about 3 great sets to share, but today I just wanted to share the blue dress.

Febz_0003 Febz_0004 Febz_0006 Febz_0007 Febz_0008

Which one is your favorite? Honestly, Rocky’s assistant Serena was making me crack up the ENTIRE shoot, so I’m shocked they got some straight smiles. Most of those I had just choked down a total guffaw. It was so much fun!

Rocky was also kind enough to send me a master collage of my Bloopers. Oh Man. All the awkward faced, mid-falling, cross eyed, outfit fails. While I want to maintain my beautiful pretend stats as a legit model, I am SO showing you guys those bloopers sometime this month. They are just too wonderful.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I’m off to go clean out my closet. EEK! #HoarderAlert I have every single Holiday Card and School Achievement Certificate I have ever received in my life. Today’s the day I trash it all. Wish me luck!





12 thoughts on “That Model Life

  1. You look so stunning!! You and your skin are flawless!!! ❤ And that dress, tho! So so cute! Is that from the boutique you work at? =)

    • Oh heck no, doll 🙂 This most certainly is not! My boutique is WAY expensive haha. We have a store called Ross here, (from the Marshalls and TJ Max family, if you’re familiar). Yeah this was like $15 🙂

      • That’s awesome, Phoebe that you found such a cute dress for that price! We have Ross here as well, but I never find anything there =( Does your boutique have a website? I’d love to look at what you guys sell! =)

  2. Great pictures! You look very natural in front of camera! To answer your question, depending on what you need to use them for (or want to us them) #2, #3 and the last one are my favs. But really all are great. Perfect lighting and location.

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