Wanted: Ruthless Website Design Critique

Today, I decided that reaching out to my web savvy community is TOTALLY a legitimate use of my office time. I’m seeking out critiques and actively making improvements… that’s my story.

After double checking that the links are indeed functional, I am now reaching out to my lovely online community for advice! A HUGE hurdle to overcome with my new job has been reconstructing my shop’s website. I didn’t know HTML, or Plugins, or Self Hosting, or anything like that.

So I’m just so proud of myself right now. Especially since before me, the website didn’t even have our name on it. The pictures were too small. The person before me picked the first and cheapest e-commerce theme he could find. Oh, and he was a boy. No feminine touch at all.

We decided the new website shouldn’t have a cart, simply because the turnover rate is so high. At any given time, our stock is completely different. We settled on a call/email to order system. So cheers to hoping it works out!

So HAVE AT IT! Give me your critiques. Give me the honest opinion! I know a ton is still off center and the posts themselves are lacking… big time… I still have a lot of work to do! But please, advice? Be Brutal!

(And then like it on Facebook, since that’s part of my job too 🙂

Fizz Market Square Website

Fizz On Facebook





4 thoughts on “Wanted: Ruthless Website Design Critique

  1. I am viewing on my phone and sometimes it’s hard to get everything to work correctly on a desktop and mobile. I attached a screen shot from my phone  of o e of the galleries. The pics are really to small to see and I couldn’t get them to enlarge by clicking on them. Also the text was to small to read on some of the pages. Is some of the text image files? If so that may be why it doesn’t translate well to the mobile. I do like the “feel” of the site you are good at designing. Might be a good idea to bring in a professional photographer to update the images of the outfits and products 🙂 … Had just had to throw that in there.

    Just fyi I used to use nextgen for my galleries and was, for the most part, happy with them. 

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  2. omg absolutely love the look book! It looks alot better 🙂
    The only recommendations from me would be to change the “LOOKBOOK banner” to the same color as the page, I can see that it stands out (since its white).
    If you need help, just ask me 🙂

  3. The website looks great! Very organized and pretty. One recommendation I have is to re-upload the photos as smaller file sizes, especially on the Lookbook page. That should make them load faster. The info on the bottom of that page and the product search could be smaller too.

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