Take Me To See The Polar Bears!

Between you and me,

I am held up in bed tonight watching The Help for the 104th time.

It will never stop being one of my favorites! I’ve spent almost the entire day shopping and I am so happy to be home. It’s been an amazing day off, plus I get another one tomorrow! I’ve had an intensely exciting week, full of news! The big surprise will have to wait till tomorrow, but for tonight, I can share one!

Originally, I had plans to fly to San Diego for my birthday, December 19th to see the Polar Bears at San Diego Zoo. I was over the moon when Mr. S told me he would take me! I was just dying.


But, after an exciting turn of events, he told me, why wait? We still have a few days of summer left, and we had some days off coming up… So, Happy Early Birthday To Me! Next Sunday, we’re seeing polar bears! Only, BETTER! We are going to St. Louis Zoo instead, which is much closer – I had no idea they had polar bears!!! PLUS  they have Sting Rays. My second favorite animal.


Ask Sammy. I have had some embarrassing bouts of enthusiasm in public places when it comes to sting rays. I practically hyperventilated last Birthday when I laid eyes on a full tank of Sting Rays. It was pretty cute.  

Just imagine my reaction when I see my Very First Real In Person Polar Bear. Oh I might cry. So majestic! Ah!


Y’all really want to be here throughout the next few weeks. Tomorrow, I have big big news to share. As if anything could compare to Nature’s Arctic Angel. Have a great night!

Sleep Sweet!



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