Moving On Up!

Hey babes! I hope this post finds you all well! I’m doing just fine this week! I’ve had a handful of grown up decisions to make, and I’m feeling very excited and stoked and thrilled and synonyms of that nature.

I wish I was patient enough to build up to a dramatic reveal… I could tell you about my first big girl job conference call or my first advising appointment for the University of Tennessee, or a hand full of other things. But, I just can’t wait to share the very big news!

Last week, I spent some quality time with my friends Miranda and Natalie. I went to visit their apartment. And after some family discussion, we all decided that their third empty bedroom really needs a person to live in it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, (If everything goes according to plan)

Your dear girl is all grown up and moving out!


Eeeeep! I know! The girls are just LOVELY! The apartment is already something straight out of my Pinterest board. The neighborhood is on campus, so next Spring when I start UT, I will be a 5 minute walk from all my classes. I am a short walk to work, and a short drive from my parent’s house. The landlord is a sweetie, so I’ve heard. AND I have the wholehearted blessing from my mommy and daddy.

I really feel good about this folks! Now, I don’t sign the contract till the end of the month. My car could break down or my dad could fall down a well… you never really know. So I’m trying not to put all my eggs in one basket. I’ve jinxed 2 other attempts to move out in the past. Between you and me, I’m still skeptical that this is actually happening. BUT


Fortunately, this one is just awesome timing. It is perfect, affordable, safe, and with wonderful people. So for the next 27 days, I’ll be pinching myself, just counting down!


I hope you’ll join me on the frantic Target adventures, Tragic yard sale stories, and embarrassing room downsizing treasures I know I’ll find! Wish me luck! In the mean time, I want to hear all your first apartment stories 🙂

All my love,


7 thoughts on “Moving On Up!

  1. Your going to love living with your friends. I just moved into a new apartment and for the first time am living completely on my own so look like we are both on new apartment adventures :). Hope it all works out for you!

  2. Hello, my sweet Phoebe!!! ❤ OMG< moving out?!! That's so exciting!!! Be careful at Target, girl! I think I'm still paying off my credit card there from when Ronnie and I first moved our together! haha!! I'm so happy for you and I'm sure everything will be fine! Also, that's great that it's so close to everything! That's a huge plus! Anywhoooo,
    Guess what?! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award!! ❤ YAY!!!!!!

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