Playing in the Creek Beds with Rocky’s Photography


Show and Tell Time! Remember my going on and on about the Destroy the Dress shoot? Well, right before, we embraced the glamour. Don’t worry. Soon, I’ll share the one from when I slipped into the lake and proceeded to embrace it. These however, were just too pretty!

Febz_0018 Febz_0022

This is actually the same creek from my fabulous other shoot…That Model Life… remember that post? With the pretty blue dress? I loved those. They were so simple and pretty- that’s me and my photographer Rocky’s thing. Simplicity. (Click that name! Do it!) 

That is what I love about these too! Honestly, I was in the mood to play Pinterest Girl. I had spent a whole week on Pinterest hunting down cute shoot ideas to throw at Rocky. We took them and made them our own, don’t you think? 

These last two are my favorites. In the colored one, I was laughing at my friend Serena. Note to all photographers: Hire a hilarious assistant. All the smiles will be genuine! The second one, I was just goofing off. Some of my favorite beauty icons, they really embrace the silly. Always embrace the silly. That is when the inner beauty shines the brightest.

I’m still no Tyra Banks like I mentioned in That Brooding Model Type, but I am enjoying pretending! 

Febz_0025 (1) Febz_0027 (1)


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