You Know Those Fake Over Complimenting Sales Girls?

In the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege of working in some of Knoxville’s finest boutiques. In that time, I’ve learned about retail, fashion, management, but mostly people. 

Especially women. To say I’ve worked with a large variety of women is a total understatement. It’s become a crucial skill to connect with these women, relate, and help them make their choices. One of the most important things I’ve learned about women is that Every woman in the world has her insecurities. There isn’t a female out there that isn’t doubtful or lacking confidence in some way. There isn’t a woman alive who couldn’t use a polite compliment from a stranger. 

Of course, it’s not the same when the compliments seem to lack genuineness. And overly complimenting sales girls can come across that way – Fake – myself being one of them. Especially if you have the tendency to compliment every woman in your store. All of a sudden, Boom. We all look like fake desperate sales girls trying to butter you up just to make a sale. 

Don’t lie, Doesn’t it seem that way? Even from my side of the argument, it seems that way! 

However, I stand firm. I’m not going to change my ways for what “seems fake”.

This is very important to me:

When someone looks pretty, they deserve to know they look pretty. Wouldn’t you agree?

When her outfit is particularly flattering, or her purse is lovely, or her hair is cute, the woman should know. 

Because that may be the very first time she hears that she is beautiful today!  She may have had the worst day ever and you helped her through it. Or she may have had the best day ever and you put the cherry on top. 

You may be the 9th sales associate in the store to compliment her shoes, but you never know… 

You may compliment every individual in the store, and seem like the least genuine girl in the world. 

I, personally, have always tried to put the connection with a customer before a sale. A sale lasts one day. Connections last much longer. I love making my guests smile when they’re in my store. Maybe that’s just the values my recent jobs have taught me. But isn’t that our job as retail workers? We are there to make our guests look and Feel like a million bucks.

The way I see it, as long as I continue to brighten the day of my customers, I’m just gonna keep doing it. 


3 thoughts on “You Know Those Fake Over Complimenting Sales Girls?

  1. You have a great post and idea of things. I agree, where sometimes it can be overboard- I’ve had sales girls go way overboard and it makes me not want to make a purchase. A compliment or two is nice, especially when you can tell someone is being genuine!

  2. I worked in plenty of retail stores and I remember genuinely welcoming people to the store. My biggest pet peeve is when no one says hi to me =( I rather get a compliment, but a genuine compliment ❤ It's hard to prove you're for reals when you are a bubbly person since most people aren't bubbly!! lol. But once you start chatting up people, I know they will know you're the real deal!! ❤

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