Belittle This.


Don’t think for two seconds that you know me.

You Do Not.

What gives you the right to belittle me?

What about me gives you the impression that you are better?

You can belittle me as the day is long,

But that does not make you any bigger.

I don’t need your Help.

Your Advice.

Your Criticism.

Your Approval.

Is is NOT your job to fix me. 

I Need No fixing. 

I Need No Toughening. 

I am Perfect the way I am. 

I am not too sweet, innocent, confused, clueless.

I choose my battles. 

I choose not to deal with you. That does not make me sweet, innocent, confused, or clueless.

That makes me a wise individual. 

You Do Not Know Me.

Or What I Can Handle.

Or What I Am Capable of. 

Don’t begin to pretend you do. 


Run your mouth all you want, 

I have more important things to do. 



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